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Experience Makes the Difference


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I have great respect for Property Damage Solutions


I have great respect for Property Damage Solutions. Whenever I need permits, I contact PDS because they
know the codes, there is no waiting period, they deliver a prompt licensing process. Chris is likeable and is engineering and proper planning.

-Chadwick Amsden

Chris is easy to work with…


Chris is easy to work with and is knowledgeable in multiple work processes. Depending on the size of the project, PDS isobtaining licensing permits.

-Mark Schick, ARM Property Manager

Very Knowledgeable


I have contacted Property Damage Solutions for multiple jobs. Chris is easy to talk to, he is smart and very knowledgeable. Whenever mold is an issue, I call him to act as my contractor liaison and to oversee the whole project. I have also referred his company services to other agents. Chris is dependable, honest, and knowledgeable. PDS has also been brought into a job after the home inspector visit, to project manage the recommended repairs. PDS prices are fair and delivers prompt services.

-Carol Hoyer -Source Realty

Outstanding Customer Service


Property Damage Solutions has an extensive knowledge of building codes and knows what will work for an immediate turn around and get the permits licensed quickly. Chris’ family managed a restoration company and to be done, nothing more, nothing less. Chris has a reliable reputation, is communicative with every client anddeliver outstanding customer service.

-Robert Hayden

Nothing Short of Amazing!


When other restoration companies complete their contract, they terminate their service relationship with the property owner. Over the last seven months, Property Damage Solutions (PDS) has stepped in several times to resolve pending issues regarding the actual costs to replace my damaged property.

The PDS service is nothing short of amazing! To ensure the damage property was replaced with products that matched- like, kind and quality and comply with current business codes, Chris, the owner, continued to remain in contact with me.

When negotiating with all parties involved, insurance, contractors, field specialists and attorneys, PDS quickly became my property damage advocate. The work ethic of their preferred contractors, paralleled the quality and dependability of the PDS services.

The initial PDS on-site walk through revealed seen and unseen damages with massive potential cost liabilities (many not covered by my insurance company). Their structural photos, exact measurements and detailed reports helped me replace damaged structures and lost items. These damaged items, once denied by the insurance company, are now being replaced and installed with- like, kind and quality products.

Due to Chris Nestlerode’s (PDS President) construction knowledge and code expertise, he started an investigation to determine all property damages. This led to the introduction of an Industry Specialist who identified asbestos had been disturbed in the garage ceiling. Nestlerode also introduced me to other specialized contractors who were hired to repair and reconstruct the damaged property.

When my insurance claim adjustor challenged the contractors’ cost estimates, this
delayed the project. PDS then stepped in and provided the documentation to support the repair, the restoration and the reconstruction of the damaged property.

PDS has stayed in contact with me throughout every stage of property development and pledged they will remain in contact with me until the claim is settled. PDS has saved me thousands, but more important PDS secured my building structure and home environment.

Thank you, PDS for your professionalism and caring about your customers.

-Marti Peterson

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