Property Damage Solutions

Property Damage Solutions

Experience Makes the Difference

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Experience Makes the Difference


We Are Your Building Structure Advocate

What do you do… when disaster strikes after the first responders leave your property? 

Remain in shock, take action steps, or trust others to resolve the situation?

Option #1- Do nothing and let others take the action steps.

Option #2- Contact your insurance company for an assigned claim adjustor to determine your structural damage and restoration costs.

Option #3- Call a professional litigator.


Contact PDS who is not a captive agent and has worked with over 30 jurisdictions throughout Oregon and Washington.


PDS Process-

PDS offers on-site walk through services. During this process, PDS records measurements, photographs property, interviews the property owners and evaluates the property damages. Construction drawings are then designed and included inside the Property Investigation Report. This instrument documents the property needs, troubleshoots potential issues and identifies required code upgrade costs.



We all do, because PDS is Your Smart Business Choice!


Here’s why our clients TRUST PDS SERVICES

To Contractors… PDS provides expeditious permit licensing and reliable construction drawings.

To Realtors… PDS ensures project management tasks meet timeline and budget.

To Insurance Agents… PDS delivers customer value- added services.

To Property Litigators… PDS serves as a credible expert witness.

To Home Owners… PDS becomes your personal property advocate.

To Community Associations… PDS presents credible speakers who address myriads of structural building and code upgrade issues.

To Eco- Friendly Organizations… PDS values sustainability and offers green technology products and services.

To Community ER Services… PDS creates ER Prep Programs.


What do all of the above have in common?  They all use PDS Services! 

PDS saves our clients money, time, frustration and builds community sustainability.

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