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Providing property restoration and solutions across Oregon, Washington and California. With offices in Portland, Oregon and Santa Rosa, California We pride ourselves on expert and efficient property restoration.

PDS Professional Services:

  • Architects and Structural Engineers
  • CAD Design Technicians and Skilled Drafters
  • Residential and Commercial Building Code Experts
  • Unparalleled Skillset and Precise Design Drawings

Water Damage

PDS experts discover the seen and uncover the “unseen” potential liabilities. We identify the source of the water entry, the materials of the damaged structures and our photos provide a clear image of the required restoration process.

Fire Damage

PDS investigates fire damage and related issues to ensure proper repair and restoration for specific facility needs, we also identify wall types specifically bearing structures and analyzes all systems which impact building sustainability.

Commercial Damage

PDS analyzes and documents: salvageable standing structures, damage to concrete, and uses as it applies to adjacent property structures. The mission and founding PDS principle is to secure the integrity of the building structure.

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Serving Oregon, Washington, & California

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Serving Oregon, Washington, & California

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