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In a Word, PDS is About Transformation

PDS is a story. A story of rebuilding from damage and destruction. A story of how you get from tragedy to rebuilding a better future for your home or business. 

Our story is of the work and details that you have to confront to get back on track; including all the paperwork, inspections, time, budget, and manpower required to complete your build or restoration. PDS is a story of new plans, permits, code compliance, and specialized teams to bring the project home and let you rest at ease.

There are considerable moving parts and character in this story and at Property Damage Solutions we are glad that we can be part of your story. We are also proud that you can be part of our story. Ultimately, PDS is here to help you get into a much better place than when we started!

About The Founder and Principal of Property Damage Solutions

Christopher J. Nestlerode

In his youth, Christopher worked in the construction industry and was exposed to the many potential issues that often develop into liabilities for residential and commercial properties. These issues would occur when project management plans sidestepped important building code regulations or required construction procedures. Christopher’s business savvy knowledge, construction experience, and project management skill set inspired him to design and develop a company offering property restoration and repair services. As his client’s property damage advocate, Christopher and his employees save clients time and money.  With a focus on experience and expertise, Christopher and the people at Property Damage Solutions have become a great asset for architects, general contractors, realtors, and property owners.

Built on the strong core values of quality, integrity and competitive pricing; Property Damage Solutions (PDS) was founded on June of 2012. PDS offers on-site, extensive and thorough Property Investigation Reports, construction drawings, permit management, project management, consulting services, and much more. PDS is with you from beginning to end and they pride themselves on prompt emergency responses, design accuracy, efficient work systems, quick turnaround, and open communication.

At PDS, our Project Managers assign and place key team players specifically oriented for every customized project. All independent contractors are selected for professional field experience and project contribution. Our PDS Team includes: Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Drafters, Permit Specialists, Expert Witnesses, and many more dedicated experts.

As PDS continues to grow, we continue to aggressively listen to our clients’ and customers’ comments and design and develop products and services to fulfill their needs. PDS is applauded and trusted for their extensive building code knowledge and accuracy. Due to his construction knowledge and restoration experience, Christopher Nestlerode is often requested to serve as an Expert Witness in property litigations. PDS also supports and advocates for local and international organizations that continue to build sustainable communities.

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Serving Oregon, Washington, & California

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