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Fire Damage

PDS investigates fire damage and related issues to ensure proper repair and restoration for specific facility needs, we also identify wall types specifically bearing structures and analyzes all systems which impact building sustainability and integrity. During this process, PDS delivers reconstruction requirements that are in compliance with all current building codes.

Water Damage

PDS experts are trained to discover the seen and uncover the “unseen” potential liabilities. Step one is to identify the source of the water entry, the materials of the damaged structures and the photos provide a clear image of the required property restoration process.

Foundation Damage

Once the foundation has been jeopardized, PDS analyzes key factors affecting the loss of stability. The most common often include: the depth of the concrete, the material supporting the concrete, the size and spacing of the attachments imbedded in the concrete. PDS presents visuals and the collected data in the Property Investigation Report.

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Serving Oregon, Washington, & California

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