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Property Damage Solutions is here to help you through every process of your build, restoration, or rebuild. We speed up the process and make it much easier while assisting with paperwork, inspections, time, budget, and all the manpower required to complete your project.

PDS will help bring your project to completion and let you rest at ease. 

See what PDS can do for you:


Onsite Walkthrough

Our PDS walkthrough delivers visual observations of seen damages and unseen potential liabilities.  This allows clients to estimate the actual cost of damage to the existing property structure regarding restoration, repair, and code upgrades. During this process, photos are taken to document the damage and changes to the environment. These unbiased observations are presented in… read more

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Construction Drawings

Following the onsite walkthrough, PDS then assigns a team of project specialists. Our PDS Master Team includes but is not limited to: architects, structural engineers, CAD design technicians, skilled drafters, code experts, permit managers, industry specialists and any additional required experts.  The construction drawings reveal the “seen” property damage and “unseen” potential property liability. Each… read more

Serving Oregon, Washington, & California 503.382.8000

Code Analysis

PDS is committed to investing time in building relationships with every pertinent party related to your project; including insurance agencies, restoration companies, construction firms, attorneys, property developers, realtors, and property owners. Our building code insight and expertise saves contractors and property owners time and money. This signature advantage is also the PDS mark of excellence…. read more

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Permit Management

PDS prepares all pertinent documents to pull required permits, this saves you time and effort. We have established relationships with over 30 jurisdictions throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. Our detailed process ensures accurate data transfer for prompt permit licensing. Once the permit is approved, issued, and stamped; PDS delivers the documents to the onsite construction… read more

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Project Management

PDS is acutely aware of the multiple functions of the construction process. Our extensive knowledge and industry experience allows PDS to facilitate a myriad of project management positions. PDS monitors and tracks project activities, throughout the final client jurisdiction approval, and at every important step of the process.

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PDS offers a wide range of consulting services for both commercial and residential property owners. Our knowledge, experience, and preferred contractor lists continue to build customer confidence and our extensive referral business. Our package of comprehensive services delivers prompt responses without sacrificing quality. Because PDS consistently maintains a watchful eye on changes in the construction… read more

Serving Oregon, Washington, & California 503.382.8000

Customized Programs

PDS is cognizant of legal and liability changes in the industry as they develop, and we frequently work with clients to customize every project to meet their needs. Once our client’s needs are identified, PDS designs and develops a customized program to help resolve residential, commercial, and community issues. PDS has been involved in many… read more

Serving Oregon, Washington, & California 503.382.8000
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Serving Oregon, Washington, & California

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Serving Oregon, Washington, & California

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